“All good ideas are terrible. Until people realize they are obvious. If you’re not willing to live through the terrible stage, you’ll never get to the obvious part.” –Seth Godin


Who Lindsey is, how she thinks, and what sparks her passions.

Lindsey Garrett
Lindsey Garrett

Life Fulfilled

Lindsey Garrett is a non-traditional marketing-obsessed nerd. With an art-teaching degree, graphic design background, and over 12 years of highly successful marketing-by-chance endeavors, Lindsey focuses on marketing tactics that are logical, derived from common sense, and live in the real world.

When she is not enjoying the amazing Michigan outdoors with her husband, playing with her Shiba Inu (dog), building a website or keeping up on the latest social and online media trends, Lindsey works for a large Michigan home-builder, freelances, dedicates her skills to help manage KKOOM, an international 501(c)3 non-profit, and is webmaster for a local non-profit park and land preserve organization. She also is an avid Red Wings fan. Lindsey truly believes sleeping is optional.

While Lindsey works full-time in Kalamazoo, she is available for both freelance graphic design projects and social media/marketing communications consulting. From full print design services and company branding to social media training and strategic planning, Lindsey loves focusing on small businesses and helping them grow.

Empowerment and Generosity
Empowerment and Generosity

What if...?

Lindsey takes a different approach to her freelance graphic design and marketing consulting. What if freelance and consulting work wasn’t all about the bottom line? What if it was actually about improving the customer’s business?

Traditional graphic design and marketing freelancers build their businesses around having the software, knowledge and power that a business owner doesn’t. They hold your design files hostage and talk at you, not with you. Lindsey believes providing your business with what you need where and how you need it (even if it cuts her out of future projects) is a better approach. She would rather create a template for you to be able to update yourself, then charge you every two months for changes. And, she believes that by working with you instead of holding you hostage; you will be more likely to work with her in the future. That's empowerment.

Lindsey also has a strong belief in giving back to the communities where she lives and works. She currently maintains the website she created for Woodland Park and Nature Preserve and is on the Board of Directors for Korean Kids & Orphanage Outreach Mission (KKOOM). She is always interested in new ways to get involved in her communities.


BOLD | Design Marketing

“Bold Design Marketing” is a concept. It’s an idea, a thought, a love obsession.

Too often, there is a great chasm between beautiful design and successful marketing campaigns. Designers don’t understand the practicality needed for a sales team on the go. And sales and marketing professionals may not understand the subtle nuances that move a piece from average to powerful design. Both sides make sacrifices and campaigns fall in the “eh” category.

Bold design marketing is the marriages of beautiful and practical, adding an edge. With a background in design and years of real world, small business marketing success, Lindsey is obsessed with finding the balance, and closing the chasm between design and marketing. She believes even “campaigns on the fly” can be driven by strong design.

Taking the balance one step further, Lindsey prefers to push the envelope. Marketing is no longer simple static ads in magazines and on billboards. Marketing is a living, breathing, very social life force to every business. Stepping out from the norm is the new norm to succeed.


For a printable resume, please click here.

  • Expert creative direction, graphic design, social and online media, marketing analytics and management skill sets.
  • Forward thinking digital marketer, with first–hand experience implementing custom CRM and marketing automation SaaS for lead development, lead nurturing and dynamic customer–focused experiences.
  • Successfully manages employees, vendors and contract workers at all levels, with a reputation for being positive and flexible.
  • Ambitiously initiates new programs with strategic efficiency and innovation.
  • Unique design-motivated marketing background with highly honed analytical skills.

Marketing Manager, July 2012 – Present
Marketing Associate, August 2010 – July 2012
Manages all graphic design, content management, brand integrity, CRM, digital marketing initiatives, marketing analytics and online visibility for Michigan’s largest home builder. Develops and executes all social and internet related marketing and media. Oversees Realtor relationship programs, events, $1 million + budget and brand management. Initiates and manages marketing analytics and new directions for CRM software. Provides marketing tracking and research as well as supervising contracted employees. Builds and maintains consistent, positive relationships with 3rd Party Vendors.

Freelance Graphic Designer and Social Media/Marketing Consultant, 2006 – Present
Part–time independent graphic designer and social media/marketing consultant. Projects have included menus, print advertising, Facebook company pages, social media strategy and training, websites, marketing training and logo designs.

Marketing Manager, July 2007 – March 2010
Managed all marketing, external communications and related design needs for 300+ employee 501(c)3 non-profit agency. Successfully developed, designed and maintained collateral materials, advertising, media relationships and websites for multiple programs and audiences. Responsible for all aspects of printed literature, including design, concept, consistent branding, copy, and printing.

Proposal Coordinator, June 2005 – July 2007
Coordinated teams and wrote/edited proposal responses to government requests for proposals (request for bids). Created sales support materials, including demonstration handouts, qualifications to serve booklets, graphical depictions of software business processes and various other design/written work as needed.

Member, Board of Directors, October 2010 – Present
In addition to general Board of Director responsibilities, provides marketing and graphic design support to the organization, including design of ads, collateral material, web/email campaigns, direct mail design, and marketing analytics. Provides, on average, 5-15 hours per month of volunteer time.

Web Designer/Web Master, July 2010 – Present
Designed and maintain website and analytics for park. www.woodlandparkbc.com. Approximately 60-80 hours of initial design work volunteered. Average of 10-20 hours per year to maintain.



  • Merze E. Tate Endowed Medallion Scholar, Western Michigan University, August 2000
  • Lee Honors College Graduate, Western Michigan University, December 2004
  • Deans List (every semester), Western Michigan University, 2000 – 2004


  • Alpha Lambda Delta (2000 – 2004)
  • Golden Key National Honor Society (2002 – 2004)
  • National Art Education Association (2002 – 2003)
  • Michigan Art Education Association – WMU Student Chapter (2002 – 2003)
  • National Council of Teaching Mathematics (2002 – 2003)

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, SharePoint; Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash; HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Joomla, WordPress; Digital Imaging/Manipulation; Website Design and Optimization; Social Media; Content Management Systems; Salesforce.com, Pardot, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, WordPress, Blogger, Windows and Mac interface.

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Lindsey is always interested in discussing new projects, ideas and marketing theories. Please feel free to contact her.

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